‘OldSpice’ How was it Integrated?

Wieden + Kennedy allowed Facebook fans and Twitter followers to interact with the brand by directly Tweeting or asking questions to the Old Spice guy via the social networking sites. It was initiated after a simple post on Old Spice’s Facebook and Twitter Page.

“Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into Twitter, or maybe the Old Spice Man shows up @OldSpice” (Entrepreneur, 2010).

The Tweet sent social media into a frenzy achieving the goal set by Old Spice to engage more youthful demographics and enhance consumer awareness. Old Spice fans and followers multiplied by the second; the responses even captured the attention of well-known celebrities such as Demi Moore and Alyssa Minalo (Reiss, 2010).Wieden + Kennedy produced around 200 short video responses targeted toward Old Spice fans and followers, answering selected questions. Through IMC and digital marketing touch points Old Spice had people waiting at their electronic devices eager for the next question to be answered, hoping it might just be theirs (Watson, 2010).The idea displayed the use of IMC at it’s finest. Old Spice interacted with fans and followers using social media as a listening tool. The effectiveness of the campaign encoded the message so well that the technique of hard sell advertising developed into a more subtle soft sell approach, which cut through clutter and delivered a clear and consistent message to consumers ‘Buy Old Spice and Smell Like a Man, Man’ (Newman, 2010).


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