‘OldSpice’ Success or Failure?


Figure 4: OldSpice Results

The Old Spice ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign was a huge success, building a vast amount of consumer awareness. The IMC applied triggered the emotions and interests of consumers, while also delivering an accurate and relevant message. Wieden + Kennedy successfully changed the positioning of Old Spice from being associated with old men, to a product line wanting to be used by the younger 12-24 year old demographic, while also maintaining Old Spice’s brand equity (Mediameasurement, 2013). The quirkiness and humor in the TV and YouTube media was key, successfully targeting not just males, but female viewers as research showed 70% of females purchased male grooming products for their spouse or partner (Newman, 2010). The advertisements initiated the buyer decision-making process, consumers developed a need for Old Spice and started searching for information on the brands products, evaluating alternatives and possibly making a purchase.


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